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Jump Rope Interval Training

Shred Fat & Build Lean Muscle in Less Time With Jump Rope Workouts and the HI-JRT Method of Fitness

Jump Rope Workout Programs

Choose From 9 Jump Rope Workout Programs. All Programs Include Daily Workouts, Training Guides, Schedules, Jump Rope Quick-Start Guide, and Meal & Nutrition Plan. Click a Program Below to Learn More and Get Started Today.

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JRT Fusion

Total Body Interval Training

Total Body Jump Rope Workout

JRT Fusion is a High Intensity Interval Training program specifically designed to shred body fat while simultaneously building strong lean muscle. Developed on the HI-JRT Method of Fitness, the JRT Fusion jump rope workouts will get you in the best shape of your life in only 35 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

JRT Strength

Build Strong Lean Muscle

Strength Training Jump Rope Workout

JRT Strength is a 60 day total body strength and conditioning jump rope training program specifically designed to build lean muscle while simultaneously shredding body fat. In less than 30 minutes a day, the JRT Strength jump rope workouts will define your abs, strengthen your core, and develop a strong muscular physique.

JRT Shred

Get Shredded In 30 Days

Bodyweight Jump Rope Workout

With non-stop high intensity intervals of jump rope and bodyweight exercises, you will blast belly fat, fire up your metabolism, and build the lean strong body you’ve always wanted. The secret behind JRT Shred is it’s 5 segments of focused fitness; Plyometrics, Agility, Core, Build, and Burn. In less than 20 minutes a day the JRT Shred jump rope workouts will chisel and define every muscle to build the ultimate athletic physique.

JRT XPress

Maximum Results In Less Time

Short Jump Rope Workout

JRT XPress is a 30 day total body strength and conditioning jump rope training program designed to get maximum results in less time. With JRT XPress jump rope workouts, you workout on your time. Choose from high intensity single round 8 minute workouts, or combine multiple rounds for 16 or even 24 minute workouts. JRT XPress allows you to get results on your schedule through highly effective and efficient workouts.


Strengthen Your Core

Abs and Core Jump Rope Workout

JRT Abs is a jump rope training program designed to strengthen your core, blast belly fat, and get you the six pack abs you’ve always wanted. Using the High Intensity Jump Rope Training Method of fitness, you will achieve maximum results, while spending less time working out. The JRT Abs jump rope workouts are included as a Free Bonus with JRT Strength, JRT Shred, and JRT XPress.

JR Tabata

Bodyweight Training

Tabata Jump Rope Workout

Completely transform your body with the HI-JRT Jump Rope Tabata Bodyweight fitness program. All you needs 12 minutes a day to shred fat and get in the best shape of your life. The High Intensity Jump Rope Training method, combined with Tabata intervals is the perfect combination to get fit fast.

21 Day Kettlebell

Strength and Conditioning

Kettlebell Jump Rope Workout

Get results fast with the 21 Day Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning fitness program. By using the High Intensity Jump Rope Training  method, you will interval between jump rope conditioning and kettlebell strength building exercises. HI-JRT is designed to maximize results in a fraction of the time of other training methods.

21 Day Dumbbell

Strength and Conditioning

Dumbbell Jump Rope Workout

Get in the best shape of your life in just 21 days with the High Intensity Jump Rope Training method and our 21 Day Dumbbell program. The 21 Day Dumbbell Strength and Conditioning training program will shred fat while simultaneously building strong, lean muscle. Fire up your metabolism, strengthen your core, and get RIPPED fast.

21 Day Bodyweight

Strength and Conditioning

Bodyweight Jump Rope Workout

All you need is a jump rope and your own body to get RIPPED and SHREDDED. The 21 Day Bodyweight Strength and Conditioning fitness program will melt fat away, while increasing strength, agility, balance, and coordination. Workout anywhere, anytime and build the body you have always wanted.

Why It Works

Discover Why Jumping Rope is the Secret to Shredding Body Fat, Building Lean Muscle, and Getting Fit in Less Time Than Other Training Methods

Faster Fat Burner

The High Intensity Jump Rope Training Method of fitness is specifically designed to keep you constantly moving through short bursts of high intensity activity. This non-stop training method has been proven to fire up your metabolism, blast belly fat, and increase calorie afterburn.

Total Body Conditioning

By performing total body movements and targeting multiple muscles at once, the High Intensity Jump Rope Training method of fitness will get you results FAST! HI-JRT is the ultimate total body training method designed to lose weight, build lean muscle, and carve total body definition.

Cardio & Strength Intervals

The non-stop intervals are the secret to what makes High Intensity Jump Rope Training the fastest and most effective method for fat loss and lean muscle building. By combining conditioning and strength movements, you will achieve greater results in less time than other training programs.

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