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500 Rep Core Challenge

THE CHALLENGE 50 Rope Jumps 25 Sit Ups 50 Rope Jumps 25 Leg Ups 50 Rope Jumps 25 Bicycle Crunches 50 Rope Jumps 25 Seated In & Outs 50 Rope Jumps 25 High-Low Plank 50 Rope Jumps 25 V-Ups 50 Rope Jumps

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Beginner Jump Rope Workout

  THE WORKOUT Complete 3 rounds of the following. Rest as needed between rounds. 1 Minute 2 Foot Jump 15 Seconds Right Foot Jump 15 Seconds Left Foot Jump 1 Minute 2 Foot Jump 10 Push Ups – 1 Minute 2 Foot Jump 15 Seconds Right Foot Jump 15 Seconds Left Foot Jump 1 Minute […]

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3 Health and Fitness Myths Debunked

The world of health and fitness is one that many do not fully understand. To make up for a lack of understanding, many people make assumptions which they accept as facts when heard repeatedly. There are many preconceived thoughts and ideas about the fitness industry and while some are accurate, there are some that are […]

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Top 3 HIIT Safety Tips

High Intensity Interval Training, better known as HIIT, has become one of the most popular fitness methods. People everywhere are looking to maximize gains from the highly effective training method that has a history of providing awe-inspiring results fast. Simply hearing about how you can blast belly fat and slim down your waistline in just […]

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3 Reasons People Avoid Traditional Gyms

Traditional gyms equipped with treadmills and bench presses have been ideal fitness centers for decades. They have become so commonplace that many people have never experienced any other type of training. Traditional gyms may be the most common type of training, but they aren’t necessarily the most popular. Many people avoid traditional gyms for various […]

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Top 5 Jump Rope Workouts

Jump rope training can be completed in various methods that exploit the benefits of high intensity interval training. What varies from workout to workout is the focus, which can range from improving core strength to toning upper body muscles. Jump Rope Gym offers various training methods that are designed to get you specific results in […]

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