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How do I access the Fitness Programs, Workouts, Training Guides, Videos, and JRT GYM Members Area?.

Login to your account by clicking on the ACCOUNT LOGIN link at the top of the website. The visit the JRT GYM page where you can access all the fitness programs and content.


I need a jump rope. What do you recommend?

We use and recommend the RX Jump Rope by RX Smart Gear. Use code RXHIJRT16 and get 10% OFF. To get one CLICK HERE

Can I access the HI-JRT workouts on my mobile device?

Yes! All our workout guides and videos are available on-demand from any computer, smartphone, or mobile device.

How do I get HI-JRT at my local gym / club / facility?

Please submit our License Application and we will provide you with more information about licensing HI-JRT.

I’ve noticed a mistake in a workout video, guide, or the website; what should I do?

Please Contact Us and we would be happy to investigate the error and make the necessary changes.

I can’t login to my account?

Please Contact Us and provide your username. An account representative would be happy to assist you.