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Learn to Jump Rope

Learn To Jump Rope

Discover Why Jumping Rope is the Secret to Shredding Body Fat, Building Lean Muscle, and Getting Fit in Less Time Than Other Training Methods

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Why The HI-JRT Method Works


The High Intensity Jump Rope Training Method of fitness is specifically designed to keep you constantly moving through short bursts of high intensity activity. This non-stop training method has been proven to fire up your metabolism, blast belly fat, and increase your calorie afterburn.


By incorporating total body movements and targeting multiple muscles at once, the High Intensity Jump Rope Training method of fitness will get you results FAST! HI-JRT is the ultimate total body training method designed to shred belly fat, build lean muscle, and carve total body definition.


The non-stop intervals are the secret to what makes High Intensity Jump Rope Training the fastest and most effective method for fat loss and lean muscle building. By combining conditioning and strength movements, you will achieve greater results in less time than other training programs.


What You Will Learn In This Free Clinic

How to Choose the Best Jump Rope – Why RXSG?

Proper Foot Position and Stance

Proper Body Position and Posture

Correct Grip and Hand Placement

Jump Rope Rotation and Timing

Jump Rope Drills & Skills

Jump Variations, Movements, and Transitions

Jump Rope Workouts

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