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How Jump Rope Training Changed Chris McCarthy’s Life

Many people have seen the instructional videos and heard the stories of how High Intensity Jump Rope Training can transform your body faster than traditional training programs. What you may not have realized is that the face behind Jump Rope Gym was not always in the impeccable form you currently see. He too had to go through a fitness journey that came with a lot of self-evaluating and hard decisions. Here is his story.

Who is Chris McCarthy?

Chris McCarthy is a fitness fanatic, entrepreneur, and founder of the highly efficient Jump Rope Gym: High Intensity Jump Rope Training programs. Through Jump Rope Gym, Chris has dedicated his life to changing people’s lives through health and fitness. As a former wrestler and collegiate athlete, jump rope training has been a common theme in his life for over 30 years. As passionate as he is about fitness today, his life was not always as proactive and health-focused. There was a time when health and fitness were not the top priority in his life. Chris found himself in a slump where physical activity and proper nutrition was at a minimum. During this time, he continued to gain weight and slowly lose that athletic physique he trained so hard for in his youth.

This slump would last a little over a decade before he realized the effect this was having on his body. In 2012, Chris experienced a health scare that would completely change his outlook on life and what he was doing to his body. It was at that moment he decided it was time to get healthy and make fitness his priority.


The Transformation

Chris naturally gravitated to the one piece of equipment that had been the most efficient in producing the greatest results in the least amount of time: the jump rope. This time around he wasn’t training for a wrestling match or any other athletic competition; instead, he was fighting for his health. Fitness quickly became his escape and replaced the bad choices he had previously made in his life. Through his physical transformation, Chris gained confidence and was able to knock down the mental barriers that had held him down in the past.

The Result

With this newfound passion for fitness, Chris took his own daily training process and developed the HI-JRT Method of Fitness. He has since made it his duty to share this highly effective and efficient training method with others so that they too can experience not only the physical but the mental transformation that comes with being fit and healthy.

His brainchild that is High Intensity Jump Rope Training combines the scientifically-proven conditioning benefits of the jump rope with strength training exercises. This combination creates a highly effective method that can produce maximum results in less time than most training programs. Not only is the HI-JRT Method of Fitness efficient, but it also requires very little space, enabling you to workout anytime, anywhere.

You can be next to reap the benefits of the highly effective HI-JRT Method of Fitness. Jump Rope Gym consists of training programs that target whatever your fitness goals may be, including everything from full body to core-strengthening training. Take a look for yourself through our training programs and start your body transformation today!