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500 Rep Core Challenge

THE CHALLENGE 50 Rope Jumps 25 Sit Ups 50 Rope Jumps 25 Leg Ups 50 Rope Jumps 25 Bicycle Crunches 50 Rope Jumps 25 Seated In & Outs 50 Rope Jumps 25 High-Low Plank 50 Rope Jumps 25 V-Ups 50 Rope Jumps

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Beginner Jump Rope Workout

  THE WORKOUT Complete 3 rounds of the following. Rest as needed between rounds. 1 Minute 2 Foot Jump 15 Seconds Right Foot Jump 15 Seconds Left Foot Jump 1 Minute 2 Foot Jump 10 Push Ups – 1 Minute 2 Foot Jump 15 Seconds Right Foot Jump 15 Seconds Left Foot Jump 1 Minute […]

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Best Places to Jump Rope

3 Cool Places to Jump Rope

The best thing about jump rope training is that you can literally do it from anywhere. All you need is your jump rope and some spare time to get in an intense workout. Traditionally, you’ll find individuals jumping rope in the gym, at the track, or at the rec center. These have been the go-to […]

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Benefits Exercise at Home

Top 3 Benefits of Exercising at Home

Staying in shape is of high importance for many people across the country, but joining a large gym may not be the best option for everyone. The intimidation factor, sweaty benches, and high monthly charges are all deterrents from joining a traditional gym. What is becoming more and more popular, however, is the idea of […]

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Group Jump Rope Training

Jump Rope: The Perfect Tool for HIIT

Jump rope exercises are no longer exclusive to professional athletes looking to improve their agility. More and more people are realizing the effectiveness of jump rope each day and are looking of ways to further benefit from their new fitness tool. HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, has become increasingly popular in recent years as the […]

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hijrt jump rope

4 Surprising Benefits of Jump Rope

Many may see jumping rope as a childish activity that belong to schoolgirls at recess rather than adults at intense workout sessions. While it is a common playground activity, there are many surprising benefits to jumping rope. That guy in the gym always jumping rope is not childish, he has just been exposed to all […]

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500 Rep Jump Rope Challenge – Round 9

  THE WORKOUT Here is Round 9 of the JRT GYM 500 Rep Challenge. Complete all reps of the following movements for a total of 500 Reps. 100 Double Unders25 Burpees75 Double Under50 Push Ups50 Double Unders75 Sit Ups25 Double Unders100 Mountain Climbers DESCRIPTION If you are unable to do jump rope Double Unders you […]

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