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Killer Lower Abs in 10 Minutes – Get a Six Pack

  Get those lower abs with this short but highly effective workout. Start this workout with 25 Jump Rope Double Unders or 50 Singles. Next do 50 Flutter Kicks. Then do 25 Leg Lifts. Repeat this for 10 Minutes. The Workout: 25 Double Unders or 50 Singles 50 Flutter Kicks 25 Leg Lifts Repeat For […]

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30 Second Fat Burner – Shred Fat Fast!

Let’s shred fat in 30 second intervals. Start this workout with 30 Seconds of Jump Rope. Next do 30 Seconds of Push Ups, 30 Seconds of Air Squats, 30 Seconds of Mountain Climbers, and then rest for 30 Seconds. Repeat this for 10 Rounds. The Workout: Jump Rope = 30 SecondsPush Ups = 30 SecondsAir […]

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