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4 Surprising Benefits of Jump Rope

Many may see jumping rope as a childish activity that belong to schoolgirls at recess rather than adults at intense workout sessions. While it is a common playground activity, there are many surprising benefits to jumping rope. That guy in the gym always jumping rope is not childish, he has just been exposed to all there is to gain from jumping rope, and now it’s your turn! To help give you a better understanding of how high intensity jump rope training can benefit you, check out these top 4 benefits.

Melts Calories

There are very few workouts that you can do that burn as many calories as jumping rope. This continuous exercise has you moving the entire time with very brief intermissions, allowing you to fully exhaust your muscles. Moderately jumping rope can burn up to 16 calories a minute. That can be a total of 480 calories burned in a 30-minute jump rope session. Science daily has reported that 10 intense minutes of jumping rope can be compared to running a mile in 8 minutes.

Increases Agility

There is a reason why jumping rope has long been associated with boxing. Boxers need to be as agile as possible to move around the ring and avoid blows from their opponent. Your mind makes “neural muscular adjustments” when you are jumping rope to help you maintain your balance as you continuously jump on the balls of your feet. This allows you to improve your quickness, stability, and coordination by simply jumping rope daily.

Improves Bone Density

Jumping rope can be better for your body than running. When running, your joints are constantly put to work as you all of your body weight is continuously transferred from one leg to another. When you jump rope, both of your feet touch the ground every time, absorbing the impact of the jump, which increases bone density. Jumping rope has been regarded as one of the best exercises for healthy bones.


Contrary to a treadmill or heavy weights, you can take a jump rope anywhere! It takes up very little room and can be used at any time. With its affordability and portability, you can easily get your jumps in whenever!

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