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6 Fun & Intense Jump Rope Tricks

Jumping rope is an incredibly effective training method. In just 12 minutes, you can burn more calories in a high-intensity jump rope session than performing any other cardio workout. WhenHIJRT-lasmar jumping rope, you can push your body to the limit without having to purchase a host of weights or joining the local gym. The results of high intensity jump rope training can be awe-inspiring, but if you are only doing the basic moves, you are missing out on some intense tricks. We have outlined a few fun moves that you can implement into your everyday jump rope training session that amp up the intensity.

Alternating Jumps

For this move, you need to alternate feet in between every revolution of the jump rope. Many athletes use this move so that they can jump for a longer amount of time. When you alternate feet, you preserve more energy than the basic one hop. Pressure is applied to both feet every jump in a basic one hop while pressure is only applied to one foot at a time when alternating jumps.

One Foot Jumps

Jump roping on one foot is an awesome way to improve balance and build calf muscles. As the name suggests, you hop on one foot for a complete set. Make sure to “one foot jump” on each leg for a balanced workout. This trick helps grow calf muscles.

Side Straddles

Side straddles can be most simply explained as jumping jacks while jump roping. Timing is essential to ensure that this move is performed correctly. Start off with your legs together and as you jump, spread them apart. The next time the rope comes around, jump and bring your feet back together. You will only need to do about 25 of these before you begin to feel the burn in your outer calves

Front Straddle

This a little more simple than the prior move. All you need to do is alternate your feet back and forth for each revolution of the rope. You should experience an intense burn in your quads and hamstrings.

Run in Place

Have you ever heard of the move “high knees?” Running in place is most similar to that move. Alternate jumps from one foot to another while raising your knees as high as possible. When performed correctly, you should look as if you are actually running in place. The higher you can get you knees up, the more intense the workout.

Double Under

Don’t be afraid! This is probably one of the most challenging tricks to perform with a jump rope. You must jump twice as high and rotate the rope twice as fast to perform this move successfully. We suggest that you start off attempting a “double under” every so often during a basic hop session. The more you attempt this trick, the easier it becomes.

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