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4 Tips to Help you Stick to your Workout Plan

Workout plans outline what, when, and how many exercises you should do daily to achieve desired results. They are perfect for people who prefer a set workout routine, or someone who is otherwise unsure of what exercises to do. If your personal trainer drafts your workout plan, it is likely to be accompanied with a nutrition plan. A fitness plan that combines workout routines with meal plans can get you in shape fast, but is only effective if you stick to it. We understand that it may be tough to change exercise and eating habits, so we’ve listed 5 tips that can help you stick to your new workout plan.

Create an Incentive

Everyone likes to be rewarded. Reward yourself after a good workout or after overcoming a major challenge, like not being able to run a full mile. Make sure that your incentive is not counterproductive, or that it goes against your fitness or nutrition plan. Things such as skipping a training day or pigging out are not quality incentives. Instead, enjoy one of your favorite snacks or take a much needed nap.

Get New Threads

Shopping can be the best getaway. You can shop for new workout clothes to sport at your next training session or some new gym shoes. The weight may be falling off faster than you expected and your current wardrobe may not fit like it used to. This is the perfect time to shop for some new workout gear and casual clothing that put your results on display for the world to see. The compliments you receive can boost your confidence about your fitness plan.

Set Incremental Goals

The mistake most people make is coming up with a specific weight they would like to get to or a physique they’d like obtain, and only pay attention to reaching that goal. During your fitness journey, there will be many things you will need to overcome for incremental improvement. Set short-term goals like doing more reps next week or lifting a heavier weight by a certain time. This will keep you motivated to stick to your training schedule as you are constantly reminded of your progress.

Remind Yourself Why You Started

Reflect on where you were before you started your fitness plan. Do you want to go back there? You may not have realized it yet, but you are progressing. You may wake up daily with more energy and in a better mood. These are all benefits associated with a consistent workout. Constantly remind yourself why you started with things like sticky notes or daily reminders. These tips can give you the motivation to continue making progress.

You may not be able to stick to your workout plan because it is not what you enjoy doing. Activities such as running are high impact and put a lot of stress on joints like your knees and ankles. The pain you feel after a training session may deter you from doing it again. Try a method of fitness like no other with Jump Rope Gym! Our 4 most popular training programs each have their specific purpose but are all designed to melt fat and build muscle through high intensity jump rope training. Get complete digital access to nutrition plans, step-by-step videos, and daily workouts when you join the gym today!