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Top 5 Jump Rope Workouts

Jump rope training can be completed in various methods that exploit the benefits of high intensity interval training. What varies from workout to workout is the focus, which can range from improving core strength to toning upper body muscles.

Jump Rope Gym offers various training methods that are designed to get you specific results in a designated time period. Each training program comes equipped with step-by-step training videos that will take you through every movement needed to successfully complete the workout. Our blog lays claim to multiple effective jump rope workouts designed to give you an intense workout. We have highlighted our top five jump rope workouts below.

Upper Body Strength

This workout is designed to build upper body strength and requires a jump rope and dumbbells. You will complete 50 double unders at the beginning of every workout followed by a declining number of pullups, dumbbell cleans, and presses starting at ten.

Total Body Workout

This 5-round workout can be done in the comfort of your home as your jump rope and bodyweight are the only tools you’ll need. You will perform 50 double unders, 40 walking lunges, 30 push-ups, 20 burpees, and 10 V-ups. Repeat this for five rounds.

Core & Abs Workout

You will be switching movements every minute on the minute for the entirety of this workout which consists of sit-ups, mountain climbers, and v-ups. Make sure that you only perform the movement for 45 seconds and use the remaining 15 seconds to rest and transition into the next movement.

Plyometric Shredder Workout

Plyometrics refers to training that focuses on jumping. In this workout you will complete 100 jump rope rotations, 15 broad jump reverse hops, 30 plank in and outs, another 100 jump rope rotations, 30 plyo lunges (per leg), and 15 plyo push ups. Repeat this for 3 complete rounds.

Endurance Workout

This workout is geared to build endurance. We do so by performing repeated high intensity jump rope training that decreases in time from 4 minutes to 1 minute with 30 second intervals of rest. Once you complete the workout, you will repeat it in reverse order.

If you cannot perform double unders as many of these workouts require, perform twice the amount of single unders.

These workouts are all designed to target specific fitness goals through the performance of various movements. Gain exclusive access to training programs as such that also come equipped with nutrition plans, printable fitness guides, and over 150 days of training with The Ultimate Jump Rope Training Bundle. Join Jump Rope Gym and begin your body transformation today!