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How to Program Workouts with JRT365 and the Custom Workout Builder

How to Program Workouts with JRT365 and the Custom Workout BuilderGet daily workouts and access to my Custom Workout Builder when you become a JRT365 member.Members receive instant access to:Daily Strength and Conditioning WorkoutsAccess to the Custom Workout BuilderWeekly Fitness ChallengesOver 500 Instructional Exercise VideosPersonal Transformation TrackerJump Rope Training CourseMeal and Nutrition Guide25% Off Training [...]
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Top 3 HIIT Safety Tips

High Intensity Interval Training, better known as HIIT, has become one of the most popular fitness methods. People everywhere are looking to maximize gains from the highly effective training method that has a history of providing awe-inspiring results fast. Simply hearing about how you can blast belly fat and slim down your waistline in just […]

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gym machine

3 Reasons People Avoid Traditional Gyms

Traditional gyms equipped with treadmills and bench presses have been ideal fitness centers for decades. They have become so commonplace that many people have never experienced any other type of training. Traditional gyms may be the most common type of training, but they aren’t necessarily the most popular. Many people avoid traditional gyms for various […]

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Sticking it workout

4 Tips to Help you Stick to your Workout Plan

Workout plans outline what, when, and how many exercises you should do daily to achieve desired results. They are perfect for people who prefer a set workout routine, or someone who is otherwise unsure of what exercises to do. If your personal trainer drafts your workout plan, it is likely to be accompanied with a […]

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Who benefits from HIIT

Who Can Benefit From HIIT?

High intensity interval training or HIIT has quickly become a popular fitness method for individuals looking to reap its heralded benefits. The key elements of HIIT are maximum effort and short resting periods. This training method can be performed as a station-based or every minute on the minute (EMOM) session.  As a station-based session, you […]

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3 Jump Rope Mistakes

4 Jump Rope Training Mistakes

You may be looking to pick up jump rope training as a unique new way to stay fit. You’ve made an excellent choice! Jump rope and strength training provide both cardio and muscle endurance benefits which include a strengthened core and boosted metabolism. You may be ready to jump right into you training regimen but […]

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6 Fun & Intense Jump Rope Tricks

Jumping rope is an incredibly effective training method. In just 12 minutes, you can burn more calories in a high-intensity jump rope session than performing any other cardio workout. When jumping rope, you can push your body to the limit without having to purchase a host of weights or joining the local gym. The results […]

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