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How To Choose the Best Jump Rope Weight and Length – RX Smart Gear

One of the questions I get asked most often is, “Which RX Smart Gear jump rope should I get?”

Usually it’s because people aren’t sure of which cable weight to get, and they need to know the best jump rope cable length for them. RX Smart Gear offers several different cable weights that can be custom sized by the inch to fit you perfectly.


Here are the cable weights that RX Smart Gear offers:

  • Hyper 1.3
  • Ultra 1.8
  • Elite 2.6
  • Buff 3.4
  • Beast 4.1
  • Zeus 8.6

If you are just starting to learn to jump rope, specifically how to do double unders, I always recommend getting the BUFF weight cable. This cable has enough weight that it provides feedback to the user, so you know where it is in relation to your body, and can adjust your jump timing accordingly.

If you are already decent and jumping rope, and you are able to complete a few double unders, then I suggest getting the ELITE cable. This cable is a bit lighter than the BUFF, so you can begin to create a little more speed with the rope.

As for the length of the cable, RX Smart Gear recommends 3 feet over your height. So, if you are 5’9″ tall, you would get a cable length to 8’9″.

3 feet over your height is generous, and may not be necessary if you are already fairly efficient at jumping rope. However, it provides you enough slack that you can work on your form and technique without constantly tripping up on a shorter cable.

Once you begin to get better form, you can then begin experimenting with shorter and shorter cables until you fine the perfect length for maximum speed and efficiency.

Now that you know which RX Smart Gear jump rope is best for you, visit and customize your own jump rope.

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Have a great day!

Chris McCarthy

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