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How to Choose the Right Jump Rope for You

Choosing the Right Jump RopeMaking sure that you have the right jump rope for your fitness efforts is extremely important to an effective jump rope workout. If you have never participated in a high intensity jump rope training session, you may think that all you need to do is find a the right color rope for you. While it doesn’t hurt to have a rope that is aesthetically pleasing, it is of much greater importance to have a rope that accurately meets your training needs. A few things to consider are the type of grip or rope material that’s best for you along with a few other variations.

Types of Jump Rope

The type of jump rope that you choose is crucial. You may find one that you like but it may be too long or better fit for another jump rope activity. Choosing the wrong jump rope can lead to certain limitations when working out and ultimately, an ineffective workout. Here are the two types of jump ropes most associated with jump rope training.

Standard Speed Ropes

These ropes are best for general skipping and are available in both individual and long rope lengths. They also are perfectly appropriate for various ability levels and ages as they are highly durable and can be adjusted in length by simply tying a knot. Standard speed ropes are also very lightweight and relatively inexpensive.

Fitness and Training Ropes

Fitness ropes are made with the same high quality materials as the standard speed rope, but they also have a few variations. The grips on these ropes are generally larger to accommodate adult hands and the cord is 30 percent thicker. This allows for greater resistance when partaking in high intensity training sessions.

Consider Your Height

Aside from the style of the rope, the next major thing to consider is the length. Choosing a rope that is too long or even too short can be a waste of money as the jump ropes required for high intensity training are non adjustable. Reference this chart from RX Smart Gear  when choosing the right rope length for your height and jump rope style.

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