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Top 3 Benefits of Exercising at Home

Benefits Exercise at HomeStaying in shape is of high importance for many people across the country, but joining a large gym may not be the best option for everyone. The intimidation factor, sweaty benches, and high monthly charges are all deterrents from joining a traditional gym. What is becoming more and more popular, however, is the idea of working out from home. This was first implemented in exercise VHS tapes; then, exercises began being broadcast on live television. Now, if you have internet access and open space, you can perform a full high intensity training regimen from the comfort of your living room. Here are a few major benefits of working out from home.

Save Money & Time

Who doesn’t like to save money and time? With home exercise routines you can do just that. Many training programs require a simple one-time fee that gives you unlimited access to that program in contrast to the monthly and annual fees required at traditional gyms. These programs are usually downloadable or can be streamed through any device with internet connection.

Gone is the excuse of not having enough time to work out! With many high intensity training sessions lasting anywhere from 8 to 30 minutes a day, you can easily fit a quick training session in without worrying about the commute to and from the gym. This allows you to train more often which can ultimately lead to you attaining those desired results faster.


Working out in a large gym can be intimidating. Depending on your gym of choice, there can be a variety of people exercising alongside you. These guests may include anyone from bodybuilders to lifelong athletes and while this may be motivational to some, it can cause many others to feel inadequate. When you are in the comfort of your own home, you are your only competition. You also have the freedom to train at your own pace and progress gradually without worrying about onlookers judging you.

Cleaner Environment

While many gyms offer cleaning materials for members to use after the use a machine or piece of equipment, not everyone utilizes them. This causes sweaty equipment that can discourage someone from using it. Whether your home is actually cleaner is not the issue, but the fact that you are in a familiar environment is. It can be assumed that many people would rather workout in their sweat than someone else’s.

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