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Why Jump Rope is the Perfect Weight Loss Tool

Jumping rope is an amazing tool for agility and increased reaction time, but it is just as beneficial for weight loss. This exercise that you may have been doing since you were a child may be the answer that you were looking for to melt that annoying belly fat, and get that body you’ve been dreaming of.

When in search of weight loss options, many people automatically think of consistent running and weightlifting. While both may contribute to weight loss, there are very few fitness tools like the jump rope that effectively melts fat from your body. For decades, jumping rope was considered an exercise solely performed to increase coordination, only to be used by athletes seeking to boost their endurance. Alternative training methods and innovations in the jump rope world have transformed the jump rope into a widely accessible tool. Individuals of all ages and fitness levels can achieve their weight loss goals through various fitness routines.

HIIT Training

The way that jump rope has been used to burn fat quickly is through HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training. Studies have proven that HIIT is one of the most effective ways to burn fat by pushing your body to the absolute limit. High Intensity Interval Training is a training method where periods of high intensity activity are alternated with periods of low intensity activity for a designated period of time.

This form of training pushes your body to the limit and can leave beginners exhausted at the end of a training session, but have no fear. When your muscles are pushed to a point of exhaustion, they are forced to repair for hours after you have done exercising. This is known as the “afterburn effect.”

Jumping rope alone increases agility, coordination, and brain activity. When coupled with HIIT, jumping rope becomes more effective than any stationary exercise or steady-paced cardio routine.

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