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How Long Should You Wait to Jump Rope After Eating?

JumpRope After EatingHigh intensity jump rope training is a highly efficient method of training. It requires you to be fully committed to pushing your body to the limit to achieve maximum results. In order to effectively reap the benefits of this intense full body workout, it is important that your body is properly fueled. This means having the necessary amount of nutrients in your body to be able to successfully complete a full training session. You may be aware that your body needs fuel, but what is commonly unknown is how long one should wait to jump rope after eating.

There are individuals who believe that you shouldn’t eat at all before jumping rope to maximize results, while others believe that a pre-workout snack is necessary for an efficient workout. Both sides of the issue can be argued, but there is a general rule to follow pertaining to the wait time between eating and jumping rope.

It is suggested that you wait 3 to 4 hours after eating a large meal before jumping rope. Notice the term “meal” is specified. This means that it is perfectly fine to wake up and have some fruit before your morning jog. It only becomes a problem if you eat a full meal and partake in a high intensity training session within that 3-hour period.

Risks of Jumping Rope on a Full Stomach

If you decide to jump rope on a full stomach, you can expect:

These symptoms can increase in severity depending on the intensity of the training session and how particularly aggravating your meal was to your stomach.

Risks of Jumping Rope on an Empty Stomach

As much as it is cautioned not to jump rope on a full stomach, it can be just as dangerous to work out on an empty stomach. As mentioned earlier, your body needs fuel to withstand an intense training session; without it out, you can expect to feel:

  • Malnourished
  • Dizzy
  • Lightheaded

The combination of these symptoms can lead to you fainting mid-workout.

If you are ever confused on what you should eat prior to a high intensity jump rope training session, we urge that you follow the specified nutrition plan that is outlined in each of our training programs. Along with a specified nutrition guide, you also gain access to over 150 days training when you take advantage of the Ultimate Jump Rope Training Bundle. Take the first step in your body transformation and join the Jump Rope Gym today!