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2016-01-31 09.52.26

3 Health and Fitness Myths Debunked

The world of health and fitness is one that many do not fully understand. To make up for a lack of understanding, many people make assumptions which they accept as facts when heard repeatedly. There are many preconceived thoughts and ideas about the fitness industry and while some are accurate, there are some that are […]

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happy old people jumping rope

Am I Too Old to Jump Rope?

It is widely known that jump rope training is the most effective way to shed weight fast. This type of training is generally associated with cross training junkies and training boxers, but is inclusive to individuals of a wide variety. As we age, our bodies naturally weaken and finding ways to stay fit becomes tougher […]

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Man Jumping Rope at Park

How Jumping Rope Can Improve Cardiovascular Health

There is a reason why jump ropes are ubiquitous on playgrounds and training gyms around the world. It is because jumping rope is an extremely addictive activity that provides the greatest health benefits with the least amount of tools. The jump rope has become a more universally used training tool in recent years than ever […]

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How Jump Roping Helps Brain

How HIJRT Benefits the Brain

Physical exercise not only helps your body remain in shape, it can also help your brain remain sharp. This is according to the experts at the Harvard Health Publications. Exercises like high-intensity jump rope training can have positive effects on the function of your brain. Exercise in general affects the brain in multiple ways. As […]

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Healthy Snacks to Lose Weight

In a recent blog post and video I explained how I was able to get to 3% body fat without dieting by eating healthy snacks. In the post I mentioned that I was eating every 60 to 90 minutes each day. This kept me satisfied and I never felt hungry.   I received several requests to […]

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