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The Most Effective Way to Workout – Why HI-JRT Works

What is the secret behind the HI-JRT Method of Fitness, and why is it the most effective workout?

Let’s begin by reviewing the common scenario and sequence of events that takes place when most people visit their local gym in the attempt to get in shape.

If you are like most people, the first thing you do is go straight for the cardio/conditioning machines. These would typically be the treadmills, elliptical machines, or stationary bikes, all grouped together at the entrance of the gym. You then begin the cardio/conditioning part of your workout, starting at a slow pace and gradually working your way upon in speed and intensity. This will usually take 20-30 minutes, and basically all you have done is work up a good sweat.


Now it’s time for the second part of your workout, the strength training component. So, you get off of your treadmill or elliptical machine and slowly walk your way to another section of the gym where you find the strength training machines or free weights.

You get on a machine, or grab a pair of dumbbells, and do a set of 15 reps of some exercise. Now you need to rest for a minute or so while your muscles recover before you can move on to your next set. So you sit there and check your phone, scrolling through Instagram until you remember that you were supposed to be doing something…… “Oh yeah, what set was I on?” 


Meanwhile, your heart rate is no longer anywhere near a fat burning target zone, and you are getting no benefit from these rest periods. You continue this cycle through several reps and sets for another 20-30 minutes until you decide that you’ve had enough for the day. 

You leave the gym after and hour thinking you got in a great workout, because that’s what everyone else is doing, so it must be right.

WRONG!! You have just wasted an hour when you could have completed a more effective workout in half the time.

HI-JRT combines the cardio/conditioning component of your workout with the strength training component, creating the most effective and efficient method of fitness. The portability of the jump rope allows you to instantly interval between conditioning and strength training without rest.


The typical HI-JRT consists of high intensity jump rope training for a minute or so. Next, within just a few seconds, you immediately move into the strength training component. You spend about another 30 seconds or a minute focusing on a specific muscle or muscle group. Then, without rest, you go right back to jump rope, keeping your heart rate at a constant fat burning level. While you are jumping rope, your muscle are recovering and preparing for your next set. So, the time you would normally have spent resting and “liking” posts on Facebook, is now spent working on your conditioning.


This is the secret to why HI-JRT works and why it is the most effective workout. It’s non-stop conditioning and lean muscle building combination will have you burning calories and getting shredded fast.

So stop wasting your valuable time in the gym doing two separate workouts with moderate results. Combine your conditioning and strength training into an intense and highly effective workout that will get you greater results in less time.

Start today by choosing a HI-JRT Fitness Program or Join The JRT GYM and get everything for ultimate results.

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