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Top 5 Jump Rope Workouts

Jump rope training can be completed in various methods that exploit the benefits of high intensity interval training. What varies from workout to workout is the focus, which can range from improving core strength to toning upper body muscles. Jump Rope Gym offers various training methods that are designed to get you specific results in […]

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JRG Strength

High Intensity Training With JRT Strength

Are you in search of a high-intensity training program that can strengthen your core and define your abs in less than 30 minutes a day? JRT Strength is the answer! This high intensity training program combines the cardio benefits of jump rope with the muscle-building benefits of strength training to transform your body fast! JRT […]

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Jump Rope Exercises Burn Fat

Top 3 Jump Rope Exercises That Burn Fat Fast

Jumping rope is an enjoyable and effective way to get rid of unwanted body fat. Many people tend to underestimate the benefits of this activity. It’s usually associated as an activity for children, but this could not be further from the truth. Jump rope exercises are one of the most efficient ways to burn calories […]

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5 Minute Jump Rope Challenge #1

5 Minute Jump Rope Challenge: Minute 1: Max Double Unders Minute 2: Max Push Ups Minute 3: Max Double Unders Minute 4: Max Push Ups Minute 5: Max Double Unders If you can’t do double Unders, do singles instead.¬†Keep track of rope rotations and Push Ups. My final score was 676 rope rotations (338 Double […]

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