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3 Jump Rope Mistakes

4 Jump Rope Training Mistakes

You may be looking to pick up jump rope training as a unique new way to stay fit. You’ve made an excellent choice! Jump rope and strength training provide both cardio and muscle endurance benefits which include a strengthened core and boosted metabolism. You may be ready to jump right into you training regimen but […]

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Best Places to Jump Rope

3 Cool Places to Jump Rope

The best thing about jump rope training is that you can literally do it from anywhere. All you need is your jump rope and some spare time to get in an intense workout. Traditionally, you’ll find individuals jumping rope in the gym, at the track, or at the rec center. These have been the go-to […]

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JRG Strength

High Intensity Training With JRT Strength

Are you in search of a high-intensity training program that can strengthen your core and define your abs in less than 30 minutes a day? JRT Strength is the answer! This high intensity training program combines the cardio benefits of jump rope with the muscle-building benefits of strength training to transform your body fast! JRT […]

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Jump Rope Exercises Burn Fat

Top 3 Jump Rope Exercises That Burn Fat Fast

Jumping rope is an enjoyable and effective way to get rid of unwanted body fat. Many people tend to underestimate the benefits of this activity. It’s usually associated as an activity for children, but this could not be further from the truth. Jump rope exercises are one of the most efficient ways to burn calories […]

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Benefits Exercise at Home

Top 3 Benefits of Exercising at Home

Staying in shape is of high importance for many people across the country, but joining a large gym may not be the best option for everyone. The intimidation factor, sweaty benches, and high monthly charges are all deterrents from joining a traditional gym. What is becoming more and more popular, however, is the idea of […]

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How Jump Roping Helps Brain

How HIJRT Benefits the Brain

Physical exercise not only helps your body remain in shape, it can also help your brain remain sharp. This is according to the experts at the Harvard Health Publications. Exercises like high-intensity jump rope training can have positive effects on the function of your brain. Exercise in general affects the brain in multiple ways. As […]

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Group Jump Rope Training

Jump Rope: The Perfect Tool for HIIT

Jump rope exercises are no longer exclusive to professional athletes looking to improve their agility. More and more people are realizing the effectiveness of jump rope each day and are looking of ways to further benefit from their new fitness tool. HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, has become increasingly popular in recent years as the […]

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6 Fun & Intense Jump Rope Tricks

Jumping rope is an incredibly effective training method. In just 12 minutes, you can burn more calories in a high-intensity jump rope session than performing any other cardio workout. When jumping rope, you can push your body to the limit without having to purchase a host of weights or joining the local gym. The results […]

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hijrt jump rope

4 Surprising Benefits of Jump Rope

Many may see jumping rope as a childish activity that belong to schoolgirls at recess rather than adults at intense workout sessions. While it is a common playground activity, there are many surprising benefits to jumping rope. That guy in the gym always jumping rope is not childish, he has just been exposed to all […]

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